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Cisco Tidal 2013 Mid Year Update 

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Presentation 1 - Cisco TES Product Update
Wayne Greene,  Head of the Cisco Tidal business unit will be presenting the TES "State-of-the-Product" and provide information on feature developments, in the coming year and beyond.

Presentation 2 - Top 10 use cases to improve Cisco Tidal environments using Jaws
Having access to Historical Analytics for your Workload Automation environment is an extremely valuable asset for your IT Team.  This presentation will explore the Top 10 Use Cases for Historical Analytics.

3 of our favorites Use Cases

  • Determining the root cause for missed SLA's
  • Trend Analysis
  • Critical Path Awareness

Presentation 3 - Approaching the 6.X Upgrade
If you haven't upgraded to 6.x yet, it can seem like a daunting challenge. Using "real world" case studies this presentation will provide some pragmatic approaches to how to plan,  prepare and implement a successful migration.